About us

Excite curiosity… Expand horizons… Promote creativity

Our mission is to create a bridge between cultural and economic education and encourage children and young people to work in both fields - creatively, hands-on, without having to work towards pre-defined results.

For more than ten years, the PwC-Stiftung has been successfully engaged in activities designed to make cultural education accessible to all children and young people in Germany. Held in trust by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (an independent business community initiative promoting science and education), the PwC-Stiftung supports projects that introduce children and young people to the arts and culture.

One of the PwC-Stiftung’s long-term goals is to bridge the divide between economic and cultural education. This starts with offering values-based education in economics. Connections across the two disciplines, economics and culture, are presented hands-on in an easily comprehensible way. The PwC-Stiftung continues to support creative approaches that have a “research-based” disposition. Such approaches are suitable to encourage curiosity in children and young people and activate their desire to learn. Apart from this, the PwC-Stiftung is committed to continue collaborating with schools to address a broad range of beneficiaries.

In addition to funding projects, our recently self-developed programmes „Klang.Forscher!“ and „Wirtschafts.Forscher!“  reflect the PwC-Stiftung’s interdisciplinary orientation. Both programmes use an enquiry-based learning method, which already proved successful in the self-developed programme „Kultur.Forscher!“ designed in 2008 together with „Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung“ (German Children and Youth Foundation).

Please note that funding opportunities are limited to projects addressed to children and young people in Germany. Unfortunately, we cannot offer funding to support projects abroad.

If you have any further questions with regard to the PwC-Stiftung, you are welcome to contact our team:

Hester Weigand

Dr. Antje Öynhausen

Lenja Ruepp

Deborah Werheit

069 9511-9890